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With the COVID-19 pandemic creating a new reality for consumers and business it is more important than ever to provide a safe environment for your staff and clients and stakeholders.

The PROVIX Solution
  • Standalone Thermal Imaging Terminal - No Network Required
  • Non-Contact
  • Available in 5" and 7" models
  • Various mount options available
    • Wall Mount
    • Desk Mount
    • Floor Mount
    • Transit Mount
    • Portable
  • Accurate to +/- 0.3°C
  • Can be used to "Trigger" an alarm or door lock
  • Available Facial Recognition
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Demand Analysis

One of the main symptoms of a viral infection is an abnormal body temperature. The normal body temperature ranges from 36.5°C to 37°C, and if it exceeds 37.3°C, it is a true pathological fever.

Low Efficiency Hand-held Devices pose a risk:

With hand-held body temperature devices, there is a higher risk of spreading viruses to more individuals.