Cable Concealment

In-Wall concealment of cables from Mounted TV to Back of Equipment Rack

AV Seals Price $124.99

Fixed Price Installation Description


NEW TV…Exciting isn’t it? But what about your unsightly cables? The AV SEALS use a variety of industry standard techniques to hide and/or manage the cables required to interconnect your devices.

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Service Features:

  • Disconnect the wiring from your existing installation as required.
  • Un-Mount an existing Wall Mounted TV and protect it from damage in the work area.
  • Provide and install either a retrofit in-wall concealment kit or a wire-raceway as required from the back of the TV to the back of your equipment rack or cabinet.
  • Connect up to three devices
  • Mange exposed wires and cables with loom and/or cable ties to ensure a clean look
  • Label all wires to ensure future troubleshooting is seamless
  • Return your TV to it’s existing mount.
  • Re-connect your AV System
  • Thoroughly test all functionality
  • Leave your location in the condition it was found

Please note: Any additional required hardware and/or parts not specifically mentioned above may incur additional charges. Your system will be re-connected the same way it was disconnected to ensure your user experience is seamless. Pricing of this service assumes a standard “wood stud construction” wall, a “straight vertical shot” between the TV and Equipment Rack, and that all customer provided cables have the length required and are of sufficient quality to be run in a concealed manner.


How to Prepare for Your On-site Service:

A person at least 18 years of age is required to be present during the entire installation

  • Please have any required cables, connectors, and other accessories such as remote controls readily available
  • If you have product manuals for your existing equipment please have them available
  • Your AV SEAL(s) will require the following to complete your installation
    • Unobstructed access to the devices to be installed or serviced
    • Access to the residence
    • The property owner’s consent & cooperation to enter the residence or business
    • A safe working environment
    • Electrical power

Not included with this service: Installation of TV Mounting Brackets, assembly of stands or cabinets, additional cable runs to locations other than specified.

Serving Durham Region, Clarington, Peterborough, Lindsay and surrounding areas. Travel Charges may be applicable to out of area service.